Mystical Leopard Mens Shorts (PRE ORDER - 30 DAYS)

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This product is for Pre-Order only. Production will begin May 15th and will take aproximately 30 days until shipped to you.

The Leopard spirit often comes to you after tremendous suffering. The Animal is a healer and counselor in such times. When all seems lost, the Leopard comes to help you take back your Power; this is the time to look at the skills you have and appreciate them. Get rid of negative patterns and embrace fresh approaches on all levels of your being

African lore tells the Leopard is the Guardian of the Dead who escorts those to the next realm. At Mat Beast, we like to think of the Leopard print as a sign of power, spirituality, and balance. Be like the Leopard, lead your loved ones to better times, or guide your foes to the next realm.